Buhoma Community Village Walk

Meet the Villagers Close to the Gorillas

This 3 hour Village Walk introduces you to the people and their culture living near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the Buhoma Area. On this Village Walk you will learn the traditional ways of living, making local made crafts, the vibrant and quake Dances, the non-spiced traditional cooking, arts and crafts, homestead visit, the brewing local gin and Herbal Medicines.

The Buhoma Village Walk gives you a great opportunity to see how the people surrounding Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It also is a great way to support the local community in a direct way. The walk begins at Buhoma Community Rest Camp and is most informative, rewarding to the average visitor. It will amaze you how resourceful the local people are as you see and learn their ways. First stop is observing women create handicrafts at the crafts center and of you of course can buy some of them and those creating the baskets and other crafts will be most appreciative.

A waterfall in the middle of the farmland and you can also see how hard women are working in the fields tending to their crops. There is no rotor-tiller – just a hoe and hard work. In season see how tea is picked and how just the newest leaves area picked by the skilled pickers. These cool hillsides lend themselves to growing a wonderful variety of tea.

Stop in the middle of a Banana plantation where there is local brewing demonstration using Bananas including the distilling of a local gin made from Bananas (Waragi-a term that comes from War Gin as Ugandan soldiers returned from WWII – they coined it such). Uganda is the original banana republic in a literal sense and produces more Bananas (over 50 varieties) than any other country except Brazil, not bad for a country the size of the state of Oregon. Also you can sample the local beer made from Bananas.

Traditional Healer, no, he is not a witch doctor but someone who knows what to use from the forest for ailments and you will be amazed at this informative demonstration. Visit the local Mukono Primary School and meet children and the teachers, and you will be amazed how one can learn without electricity, lights, computers, but the most amazing thing is the wonderful spirit of the children.

Lastly but not least, there is a visit to the Batwa Pygmy community. The original people of the forest who lost their homes when Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park was created ending with traditional dancing.