Spanish Pyrenees
Coast to Coast

16 days 720mi/ 1200km

80.000ft + / 25.000m + of climbing

The Ultimate
All Mountain Adventure

The Coast to Coast…From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean…720MI/1150 km on 16 day stages across the Pyrenees…


16 days 720 mi /1200km




min 14 riders to max 30

Why come on this trip you ask?

It’s the next level challenge for trained mountain bikers, both physically, technically, and mentally.

Make life long connections with likeminded adventurers

Our unique approach to this adventure

All stages can be ridden at your own pace using GPS (the devices are provided). Or we can upload the trail GPX file on your own GPS 

We love our trail riding to be frustration free! So there is no trying to keep up or waiting for the group


The Pyrenees CTC, since our very first edition in the mid-90s (at that time without suspension and with cantilevers…) a lot has changed.

Gradually we have renewed, refined and over the years made our CTC longer, higher and definitely more technical.

This unique route runs through the remote sierras of the Pyrenees.As mtbikers we gratefully use the old trails that connect deserted mountain village and spectacular valleys, it’s a varied landscape with a peak of 7900ft/2400m as the highest point.

Unforgettable experiences and
great time guaranteed



Adversity has a remarkable way of bringing people together, fostering bonds that transcend mere acquaintance and evolve into deep, enduring friendships.

Daily distances vary between 30Mi/48km and 70mi/115 km.


Biking through the Sierras it would be a shame to pass the Bardenas Reales, which is the northernmost desert in Europe and is located just below the Pyrenees. The unique terrain makes that area a “must” for everyone who goes cycling in northern Spain. Makes you think of Moab trails.

The green mountains and trails of Navarra and the Basque Country then provide the appropriate closure towards the Atlantic Ocean.





You stay in a mixture of hotels, hostels, and log cabins – sometimes luxurious, sometimes simple – but always in a bed, never camping.