Trail Heaven

15 days 720MI/1200km

The Bike Trip
Of A Lifetime

You cannot call this a “normal” bike trip, but rather “the bike trip of a lifetime”. Where else can you cycle for days on an old Inca trails?


15 days 720 mi /1200km




min 14 riders to max 30

To eventually bike up to a short hiking distance of Machu Picchu and again for days on single track to above an altitude of 16500ft / 5000m?

The first week we cycle in the area of ​​Cuzco and the Sacred Valley between the Inca ruins. We increase the difficulty of the trails and take the time to acclimatize: we start high and end down in the valley (train high, sleep low). This first part is the perfect acclimatization for the more serious work later.

Afterwards we cycle the Salkantay trail, which is a less touristy variant of the Inca trail, to get to the foot of Machu Picchu in an original way. We load our bikes on horses for the climb to the Salkantay pass 15200ft / 4630m), from there we cycle in two days to an altitude of 5250ft / 1600m and 7mi / 11km (walking distance) from Machu Picchu, which we will of course also visit! Then we move for “a night on the town in Cuzco”. Then we look for some tough trails near Cuzco.

Because to top it all off, we cycle the Ausangate trail in three days, including along the Vinicunca (the rainbow mountain), with often hot springs in the evening to loosen our stiff muscles. Probably the most beautiful trail in all of South America. With cols up to over 16500ft / 5000m and almost entirely on single track.

All stages can be ridden at your own pace using GPS (the devices are provided). The itinerary as described in the planning can still be adjusted depending on the weather conditions.


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Unforgettable experiences and
great time guaranteed


A Trip For Adventurers

This trip is for adventurers who are not afraid of hike-a-bike sections and are confident on tough riding trails. Fullies with minimum 140mm travel recommended. Limited number of participants!

LEVEL Strenuous tour that requires good fitness and riding technique, fully recommended with at least 140mm suspension travel

You stay in a mixture of hotels, hostels, and log cabins – sometimes luxurious, sometimes simple – but always in a bed, never camping.

Daily distances vary between 30Mi/48km and 70mi/115 km.