Mid – Range accommodation: Wild Trails Safaris mostly offers mostly mid-range accommodations on all its itinerary safaris,  most of the Mid range lodges are located inside the national parks or 30 minutes drive to the park. All the rooms clean and neat, with basic, simple and mini-luxury en-suite bathrooms, all with hot water. These rooms come with single rooms – sleeps one person, twin room – sleeps two people on separate two beds and double rooms – sleeps a couple or the marrieds. These accommodations can be on full-board (bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner) the meals served are with four course meals or three course meal depending on which lodge you book. We provide accommodation that you our client has chosen unless otherwise.  All the lodges and camps featured in our programs have been built with absolute minimal impact on the local  fauna and flora, and all camps operate under the dictates of approved wildlife management.
Budget Accommodation: For those who have chosen or liked one of our itinerary and prefer to have budget accommodation, please send us an inquiry informing us to change your accommodation to budget. But you have to know most of the budget accommodations are bathroom shared and rooms have not much space.
Luxury Accommodation: In-case you opt for luxury accommodation, and you liked one of our itinerary please email us to upgrade your safari accommodation to Luxury, but remember luxury in Africa differs from lodge to lodge or from hotel to hotel, and the price is twice or thrice the mid range accommodation price.

Note: When you are starting or ending a Safari, we always advise that you arrive the day before your Safari is set to depart and leave the day after your safari ends. Meaning you should have  a completely stress free time knowing that your Safari or flight is not going to leave without you as you have catered for every eventuality and are completely organized by the time you set off on your East African safari adventure.
We often have guests wanting to fly out on the evening that their safari ends and we discourage this as far as possible as it put unnecessary pressure on the entire group and that is the last thing that anyone wants at the end of a wonderful time on safari.